Working with the NHS

Towards an inclusive workplace

Video Bank

During LGBT+ history month, we placed a video booth at different NHS events. The video booth encouraged LGBT+ identifying employees and allies to record short messages for 30 seconds about their working lives and experiences of LGBT+ networks. Eight NHS trusts hosted the video booth at their events in February 2020, contributing to 120 recordings in total.

To support LGBT+ networks and their organisations and to help generate conversations about running, contributing to and supporting LGBT+ networks, we have put together a selection of videos available to view. These videos may be used for training purposes. The video bank contains 50 video clips concerning the following three broad topics:

1. LGBT+ networks

2. Working experiences of LGBT+ people

3. Supporting and engaging with LGBT+ communities

With full permission from those who used the video booth and recorded a message, their identities are not disguised, but organisational names have been anonymised verbally and visually. We welcome your feedback on this initiative and how it may be of best use to you and your organisation. Please leave your comments in our suggestion box.